A Visit at the PAGASA-DOST Radar Station – Catanduanes

Catanduanes is known as the “Land of the Howling Winds” because most typhoons brewed in the Pacific pass through this easternmost island province of Luzon. But on better days, pack your bags and explore this rugged adventure happy island.

In 2012, a new doppler radar station in the Philippines has been set up on top of the hill in Bato. This meteorological system is a grant aid from the Japanese government as a token of friendship and cooperation between Japan and the Philippines to help the state weather bureau in effective forecasting to reduce the casualties caused by tropical cyclones and other severe weather occurences passing the Philippine area of responsibility.

This small island faces the Pacific Ocean and covers the entire Bicol region (Region V) and parts of Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) – two areas that are the first to bear the brunt of most typhoons.

Credit: Jay Morales

This weather station is also known for tourists’ quick stop because of the breathtaking view of Pacific and the islets off the coast of Bato and Baras towns.

As we stood on the hill, we could see the mighty heap of the Pacific flowed in its astral-blue smoothness from the horizon. The horizon itself was a thin seam where the canopy of sky and the plane of sea hemmed each other into a line of silver. It was as if they had been welded into an extended. splinter of perfection. In the distance, streamers of tapered light splayed out, flowing through cracks in the cloud

Entrance to the weather station compound is free but you need to sign in the logbook for record purposes. A road branching off from the national road going to Baras leads up to this place. Getting here without your own vehicle or a rented one could be a challenge. Nonetheless, it’s worth the trip!

❤️ (04.2018)


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